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Layton, UT

Aquarius Man, 54

I am hoping to meet a wonderful woman who is free to travel and open to trying exotic cuisine. I am very creative and love to learn about different cultures. I am excited to meet my star date and enjoy a stress-free evening.

South Ogden, UT

Cancer Man, 47

I work hard and play hard, and I need a partner who's patient with my crazy work schedule. I enjoy camping and want a woman who loves to speed on an ATV. I'm looking for a wife who isn't afraid of getting a little dirty and wants to join me in discovering roads less traveled.

Plain City, UT

Pisces Woman, 42

I'm definitely a girly girl who enjoys a spa day. However, I have a small garden, and I love the feeling of soil between my fingers. I hope my Star Date enjoys tinkering around the house and home improvement projects. I want someone I can cook for and who sometimes surprises me with dinner. It doesn't matter if it's at a restaurant or our kitchen table.

Kaysville, UT

Virgo Woman, 48

I am looking for a connection who loves to go to live concerts. I'm a music enthusiast and I have a secret goal to collect a ticket stub from every US state. I enjoy holding hands and people watching. I can have a deep conversation but not when I'm watching movies. I'm looking for a kindred spirit who's not insecure with my outgoing personality. I want to support my partner in any ambition they might have. There is nothing sexier than a man with a passion.

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